Sunday, 28 December 2014


Zoopharmacognosy – What it is

Zoopharmacognosy recognises the innate ability of animals both domesticated and wild to know what they need to restore them to health.

Ever noticed how a dog will choose to eat certain grasses to purge itself when it feels sick – but not eat the grass when it is hungry? You may be witnessing zoopharmacognosy.This refers to a process by which animals self-medicate.

The word Zoopharmacognosy is derived from the roots"zoo"(animal), "pharma" ( drug)  and "gnosy" (knowing).  

Since animals first roamed the planet they have had to develop their enzymatic physiology to cope with potential life threatening disease and injuries. In order to evolve into the animals we know today their ancestors developed a life sustaining solution for self medication and dosage by using the materials they found in the natural habitat.

These medicinal compounds are found in plants, roots, seeds, fruits, flowers, algae, clays etc. They are not food, these secondary compounds offer no obvious metabolic food value, no carbohydrates, starches, proteins.

 Secondary metabolites taste bitter and are unpalatable to a healthy animal and given the choice a healthy animal will choose not to eat them.

For a sick animal they provide natural medicinal properties that can help them with their disease, stress or injuries, once the animal has recovered - the use of secondary compounds stops and they return to primary compounds (foods) once again.

Today, zoologists monitor wild animals in Africa and in the jungles observing when an animal is sick – (from chimps to birds to woolly caterpillars!) not only which plants they choose but, importantly, which part of the plant is used and how much is taken.  

Animals are very meticulous in their self medicating and only choose exactly what they need.
It is amazing to watch the healing process when you give the animal a chance to choose its remedy.

Follow this link and watch self medication by a pony, notice the inhalation and the processing.

Common problems that respond well to zoopharmacognosy:
  • Wounds
  • Allergies – mud fever, sweet itch
  • Pain/inflammation
  • Skin conditions
  • Laminitis
  • Infections
  • Behavioural problems
  • Emotional trauma
  • Hormonal
  • Immune system
  • Digestive disorders
  • Respiratory problems
  • Urinary infections

Friday, 26 December 2014


Urmi is a 11 year old german shepherd. She had hind leg lameness. Her owner had tried everything possible from acupucture to accupressure, but nothing seemed to relieve her of her pain.

When I first saw Urmi , I was not sure what I could do to help her, but inside I trusted Reiki to heal her where it was most needed.She was in so much pain that she would just sit in one spot , or drag herself slowly , she had open wounds on her paws due to dragging.

I started Reiki and suggested some supplements for her condition , such as flaxeed oil, and herbal remedies such as ayurveda. Ayurveda needs a separate blog on its own as I have found it to be very helpful with Reiki treatments.

I gave Urmi sessions for two months , and slowly she started dragging herself everywhere, and was in less pain. Her owner commented that she is emotionally in very high spirits and is doing well.

I tapered the sessions to twice a week, as somehow her owners had given up that she would ever walk again. However for me every little move Urmi made was a sign of improvement and something to celebrate.

She started stretching her legs , which were all bent , she had a bounce in her drag , everytime she came to greet me at the door, and she knew what was coming , so she would position herself infront of me to receive her healing , as if to say I am ready .

One day Urmi behaved very scared in front of the person who used to walk her, she started shaking and she , hid behind my back, refusing to go. I knew something had happened here, but the owners denied as they were very sure that nothing is wrong. I suggested essential oils, to which they agreed.

I decided to offer Frankincense, as it helps with the past trauma. Urmi inhaled and processed the oil, and after a few seconds gave a loud howl like a wolf, this went on for five minutes , she even growled a bit, she licked the oil from my hand , and then settled down. 

This self selection by animals is known as Zoopharmacognosy, where they treat themselves, and in this type of treatment , we do not ever force anything upon an animal, they have full control of the treatment and they choose the herbs and oils, which their body needs at that particular time, once they are done , they show no interest in the oil or herb. It can take a couple of sessions to find out what an animal needs , so I offer them and they guide me as to how they would like the oil, whether inhalation or ingestion or topical treatment.

Urmi mostly inhaled and occasionally licked the oils.

I did a few more sessions offering her Lavender too, but her favourite was Frankincense. She was not at all anxious after that, and not even fearful infront of the same person.Emotional release had taken place and she was calm .

I use  Essential oils with her Reiki sessions now and have discovered that it works wonders for her.She is happy even with her condition, and she is pain free now.She loves her healing sessions.She is much more calm and relaxed, healing has taken place at a very deeper level. Reiki has given her tremendous strength emotionally to deal with her physical disability.She is a changed animal today.

Thursday, 25 December 2014


Reiki for Animals Disclaimer:

Reiki is a natural hands-on and distance method of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation.
Reiki is not meant as a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment
I am  not a medical doctor, veterinary or medical practitioner . I hold a doctorate in holistic and spiritual healing.
As a  reiki practitioner  I do not diagnose conditions and illnesses.
I do not perform medical treatment,  or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.
It is recommended you see a veterinary for any physical ailment your pets may have.
Reiki should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments. Reiki is meant to compliment medical treatment.
My blog is about providing alternative options to promote optimal health for your pet from a holistic   point of view.. The information I post here is for educational purposes and is intended to promote awareness among the pet parents to make wise choices for their pet's health, and is not intended to replace the advice of your vet.You can do your own research and take the best approach suitable for your pet.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Boogie  a beagle came into my life three months back, when his owner approached me with his ongoing leg issue, and pain medication and the side effects of the long term pain medication. Vet had given up saying they have no cure except  for the pain management.Boogie was limping  and sometimes would lift his foot up while walking . His x-rays showed Hip Dysplasia. Owner was very distressed as the pain medication was playing havoc on his system and he was not getting better.

I started Reiki sessions, four initially and then thrice a week . Boogie is just two years old , and very playful and naughty , but his physical condition was not letting him enjoy his quality of life as a two year old .

He responded very well to Reiki , he prefered hands -off treatment initially , but during the session he would come and curl next to me , and would fall asleep.

After two months of Reiki sessions, Boogie is running around like a puppy , with no pain ,  his owner is very pleased with the results and wants to continue the sessions .

Boogie does not limp anymore, he sees me and just gets ready for his session near my lap and  shows me where he wants healing , when the owner saw this for the first time she was very touched , as she commented that he seems to  know what you are doing as he does not sit so calmly otherwise.

Owner has made the necessary changes in the diet as well, and is very open to holistic healing after seeing the results. I am grateful to Reiki . I feel with Reiki in due course of time even the pet owners change and start taking positive steps towards their pet's and their own wellbeing. Boogie continues to take weekly sessions .