Monday, 10 August 2015


There are many factors which are affecting our animals on a day to day basis , I am discussing some of them here ,and these are the reasons why in my opinion animals need energy and vibration healing. 


Stress caused by variety of factors, absorbed from their human companions, living in a “human”world, changes in living conditions and environment, lack of exercise, lack of contact with nature, highly processed and low-quality , low energy foods, invasive medical procedures, environmental toxins, lack of sunlight and fresh air, the energetic imbalances of the earth itself.


Animals are spiritual beings, usually during a healing session I see a lot of animals presenting energies of their humans or owners.The bond between the humans and their pets is strong and sometimes these compassionate animals, absorb the illness of their owners, so their owners do not have to experience the physical suffering or they can spend more time on earth. Animals are actually reflections of their humans in many ways.


A dog who gets regular exercise will turn out to be naturally healthier, brighter,and friendlier. Dogs need something to do with their energy, so if they don't get to release it , they will find ways  to release it which might not be to your liking.Lack of exercise can also lead to behaviour issues such as hyperactivity,destructive chewing, unruliness, digging, scratching, jumping on people etc.


What we are doing to our own health with processed food, we are doing the same to our dogs.In short processed food has the same effect o dogs as junk food has on us.Processed and cooked foods are biologically in appropriate because they lack nutrients that are only present in fresh whole raw food.These foods also contain chemicals and carcinogenic materials.The chemical cocktail in these foods is a lethal brew which is a major factor in producing the epidemic of degenerative diseases ,and leading to early death and suffering of the pets.
This includes cancer, arthritis, allergies, and auto immune diseases.


Humans can opt out of cosmetic surgery but dogs aren't that lucky.We choose for them and we often choose painful unnecessary invasive procedures such as ear-cropping and tail docking, de- barking, spaying and neutering which leads to a lot of pain and suffering for the pet. Dogs" talk" to their humans and other dogs using their ears and tails.De -barking strips a dog's natural ability to communicate, depriving them of their primary means of expression is cruel.


Dogs and cats are more sensitive to enviromental toxins then we are.We go out of our way to avoid these , but some you just can't avoid such as car fumes,industrial airborne waste, in the outdoor air, the indoor air is polluted too, every house has furniture, carpets, plastics, paints and solvents. 

Pesticides are in our water , in our food, in our clothes. Toxins cause free radicals to form inside the bodies of humans and animals.Free radicals attack healthy cells and can cause the onset of serious illnesses such as cancer.


Sunlight and fresh air not only benefits us but our pets too.Sunshine is important for healthy bones, it dries out the wounds faster,and can destroy yeast and bacteria.Windows tend to filter out some the sun's beneficial rays, there is no replacement for being out in the direct sunshine.Pets become sad and depressed if deprived of natural sunshine and fresh air.

I believe all life is energy. All living creatures on the planet are made of mostly energy, the physical body is just a small part of the enetire being. When we only treat the symptoms of the physical body, we do not address the entire being, the source or the cause of the symptoms/disease.

I incorporate a combination of energy and vibration remedies during my healing sessions, such as Reiki, Touch therapy, Flower Essences, Essential oils, and Orgone therapy. These vibration and energy remedies carry high frequencies.This frequency assists the animal’s own energetic field to resonate at a higher vibration, thus allowing healing and balance to occur throughout the entire energy system, not just the physical body, but the animal’s whole system.These remedies work on the source, not just the symptoms of imbalance or illness.

The ultimate goal of energy healing is to rebalance the life force of the individual who needs healing.Energy healing sees the animal's health from a perspective of the "whole being" of the animal physical , emotional , mental and spiritual.It shifts the "whole being" of the animal back into balance and which in turn often results in an improvement and /or resolution of symptoms/disease.

As humans we are making a conscious shift towards prevention and integration, and balance in our own health and wellness. We owe the same attention to our pets and animals.