Thursday, 19 March 2015


I was approached by Chloe's owner on the walk , as I was meditating with my own dog by the beach. She made a comment "I wish my dog could sit so peacefully like yours".

I introduced myself, however, she knew of me through a friend of hers who had taken reiki sessions for her pet, but this lady wanted to meet me first to see if her Chloe took to me, as she did  not  have very pleasant experiences with animal handlers and trainers in the past . A behaviourist told her to put Chloe down as she was not fit to be in the society.Which led her to be cautious of all animal handlers.

She called me in for a consultation and agreed to try Reiki  sessions  for Chloe, who was a rescued dog, and had severe behaviour problems, she was very frightened and aggressive. After our initial meeting she commented that " I feel Chloe is in good hands"

I introduced myself to Chloe , took her permission for healing and asked her if she would like to accept the healing , the choice was hers. For about first fifteen  minutes she was walking around me and then settled down , smelling my hands , and suddenly she was on my lap, which I did not expect as usually fearful animals prefer to take healing from a distance , but Chloe wanted hands on healing,  however she was not comfortable with me touching her  back and head,  she would growl and make an attempt to bite my fingers, severe case of past abuse and trauma. I let her take her own time to get comfortable with me .

On the second day of treatment , she was agressive initially , but settled down, as soon as I started the session. I decided to use essential oils along with Reiki. She was very curious , and inhaled the specific oils for past trauma and abuse.Her favourite was Violet leaf, which she was literally drinking .  she even lunged at the bottle of Frankincense oil.Owner was shocked to see the response. I explained later that usually aggressiveness after the oils is an emotional release from the past. After that  Chloe took her toy and just calmed down and lay on her bed.

Third day I started the treatment and Chloe just made herself comfortable on my lap and let me touch her head and back without any emotional response. Which was a huge improvement according to the owner. 

After the fourth session, Chloe seemed to be more playful , active, less fearful , and was learning to trust humans again. Was still interested in the oils , this time it was the nurturing oils  that she chose. According to the owner's feedback" Chloe is very calm and relaxed and confident on the walks".Her transformation was noticed by everyone who knew Chloe to be a scared and an aggressive dog previously.


After each session she would come and lick my hand as if  to say "thank you for the healing", and settle on her bed.

This is the response I usually get from animals who have an history of abuse, they love reiki and instantly become calm and relaxed. I find essential oils as an added help to work with these cases.

In the end it is very gratifying to watch them heal and that balanced and peaceful look in their eyes.

In my experience Reiki does wonders for fearful , anxious, shy and timid and abused animals.