Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Boogie  a beagle came into my life three months back, when his owner approached me with his ongoing leg issue, and pain medication and the side effects of the long term pain medication. Vet had given up saying they have no cure except  for the pain management.Boogie was limping  and sometimes would lift his foot up while walking . His x-rays showed Hip Dysplasia. Owner was very distressed as the pain medication was playing havoc on his system and he was not getting better.

I started Reiki sessions, four initially and then thrice a week . Boogie is just two years old , and very playful and naughty , but his physical condition was not letting him enjoy his quality of life as a two year old .

He responded very well to Reiki , he prefered hands -off treatment initially , but during the session he would come and curl next to me , and would fall asleep.

After two months of Reiki sessions, Boogie is running around like a puppy , with no pain ,  his owner is very pleased with the results and wants to continue the sessions .

Boogie does not limp anymore, he sees me and just gets ready for his session near my lap and  shows me where he wants healing , when the owner saw this for the first time she was very touched , as she commented that he seems to  know what you are doing as he does not sit so calmly otherwise.

Owner has made the necessary changes in the diet as well, and is very open to holistic healing after seeing the results. I am grateful to Reiki . I feel with Reiki in due course of time even the pet owners change and start taking positive steps towards their pet's and their own wellbeing. Boogie continues to take weekly sessions .

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