Monday, 29 September 2014


Individual Animal Therapy  Sessions

Priya Saklani – The certified Usui Reiki Master /practitioner
                                                               Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner
                                                               Certified holistic life coach

Individual Animal Healing & Animal Therapy Sessions

I work intuitively & each animal is treated both individually & holistically. The animals' guardian does not have to believe in any particular spiritual path for the healing energy to have a profound effect on the animal. Healing is a natural therapy and can aid in promoting enhanced wellbeing, recovery, calm, peace, and deep relaxation.

A Typical Session Can Include:

        Hands on Healing
                                           Hands off healing
                                           Orgone therapy
                                           Essential oils therapy


The outcome of a treatment can be noticed soon after a treatment & over the following days. It may become clear that a physical injury or illness has begun to heal more rapidly than expected or that an emotional or behavioural challenge has shifted or been released. Deeper or longer-standing challenges may take several treatments to clear and regular treatments may be needed for a longer period of time to facilitate the process of working through and 'letting go' of the issues that need healing. In general initially around four healing sessions are needed. Each animal is different and the energy will be used differently.

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