Tuesday, 15 December 2015


This blog is about Lucky .  Lucky is a 17 year old senior dog, who had been suffering from seizures for many months. Lucky's owner wanted to put her to sleep , because she could not bear to see Lucky in so much distress.

Lucky was on very heavy medication for seizures. When I went to see her , she was constantly falling and loosing her balance and was listless.I also noticed she had a severe ear infection.

I suggested she tried Reiki sessions for Lucky and see how it goes.She reluctantly agreed. I even advised her about Lucky's diet , life/style and some herbal supplements.

I started the remote healing treatment immediately. After three sessions , the owner said" she could see the difference , Lucky is more energetic and has had no seizure in one week."

We continued the healing sessions for one month and then tapered it to twice weekly. Lucky was doing super on her new diet , herbs and healing sessions. Owner was very pleased with the results.

Its been four months , Lucky has had no seizure and is bouncy like a puppy. Her ear infection has healed completely. She has been taken off all her medications completely. She is on herbs , a species appropriate diet and her weekly Reiki sessions.

Reiki even helped the owner who was going through a lot of
mental stress due to her personal issues.

I am glad she gave Reiki and Lucky a chance, I feel due to Lucky the owner was able to face and deal with her own deep seated issues and find inner peace.

This is what I see mostly in every case how animals are just reflecting.Humans feel they are helping their animals , but the truth is these animals are helping their humans with their soul expansion.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the story of Lucky. You made us inspired. From now on, I will try now the herbal to my pets. I loss my pet recently with the help of pet euthanasia because we think that's the only way to him to be free from pain. After I read this, I felt so guilty.