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Pure Healing from the Universe

Reiki is a form of energy medicine in which the healing energies of the
universe are channeled through the practitioner to the client by laying on
of hands. Reiki energy has its own spiritual intelligence and is guided to the source of
the client’s malady by divine wisdom. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words
“Rei” (wisdom) and “Ki” (life force energy).
Some believe that a Japanese healer named Mikao Usui discovered Reiki during a
spiritual pilgrimage on Japan’s Mount Kurama in 1922. Others believe that the origins
of this system of healing have been traced to the practice of Ling Chi by the Chinese
Taoists nearly 3,000 years BC and were rediscovered by Dr. Usui. Either way, all
authentic Reiki modalities in the world today can be traced back to Usui’s teachings.

Practitioners trained in Reiki receive their ability to channel through a series of sacred
rituals called attunements, which are administered by Reiki Masters with a training
lineage which can be traced back to Dr. Usui. The attunement process opens the critical
chakras for Reiki (crown, heart and palm), and creates a direct spiritual link between the
attuned practitioner and the Reiki source. In more advanced levels, the practitioner is
taught how to amplify the power of the healing energy using sacred symbols, crystals
and gemstones during the session.
Reiki is a powerful yet gentle healing modality which is a perfect complementary therapy
for virtually any ailment. Anxiety, pain, disease, depression and many other ailments
have been successfully relieved through the use of Reiki. Similar to other forms of
energy healing, Reiki recognizes that problems in the body or in life often are the result
of blockages in our energy pathways and chakras, and a Reiki session works to open
those blockages and balance the chakras.

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