Monday, 29 September 2014


Animals are naturally receptive towards reiki ,as they can sense energy and gravitate towards it. Initially some pets may prefer to receive reiki from a distance instead of having the practitioner's hands directly on them.Usually after a few minutes of receiving healing they will make their way over to the practitioner and show the part of their body that needs healing to the practitioner.Each animal is different .They decide whether they want hands on or distant healing.They also determine the length of the treatment.Frequency of treatments depends on each animals needs.

For pets I give reiki treatments in the comfort of their homes,as they are much more relaxed and comfortable in their own environment.I usually ask the animal's permission before starting a treatment,and let them decide the course of their treament.Even if reiki is received from across the room or from a few feet  away its equally effective.I always adjust the treatment to an animal's needs and preference.

A session usually lasts upto 30 -45 minutes.

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